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SE Series BBK (front)

SE Series BBK (front)

5 layer high speed flow stainless steel brake hose (dot approved) and ceramic brake pads ( TUV approved) and 12 point stainless steel arp blots for SRC or 12 point flange screws finished by shining chrome and hardness class 12.9

Dimensions: 296mm / 137mm / 80.4mm
Number Of Piston: 8
Piston: 36, 30, 28,28
Rotor Disc Diameter: 356mm or 380mm
Rotor Disc Thickness: 32mm

RRP: $4,949.00
Car Make Car Model Car Year


Unique Design for low dust

Be resistant to heat fade

Control ability enhanced under high speed driving

Well control performance

Be resistant to wear and long lifetime

Long lifetime

Recommend to

The exclusive car drivers and modified car lover or show cars.

Operative temperature

0~500 ℃

Rolloface insist all products are:

100% non Asbestos

Certified to ISO 9001

Complies with RoH005.

The 12-point nut is more compact than the typical 6-point hexagonal nut. Because the 12-point bolt heads or nuts are smaller, space can be limited and the 12-point fasteners may provide a better fit.

A 6-point socket should be used on 6-point fasteners and 12-point sockets on 12-point fasteners. As the illustration above shows, contact on 6-point fasteners used with a 12-point socket offers less contact area and is more likely to round off the head of the fastener with a lot of force is applied.

The 12 point design permits this style fastener to be tightened down with a 12-point socket wrench, permitting higher torques to be applied compared standard hex drive socket head fasteners.


1: Virtually no volumetric expansion

2: Hose assemblies company with Federal regulations D.O.T. MVSS-106. All assemblies pressure tested to 4500PSI

3: Teflon inner core / Chemically inert / Non-aging not affected by atmospheric conditions / Moisture resistant / Very flexible

4: Stainless steel outer braid which provides added double protection to the inner single braid of kevlar and a barrier layer

5: Standard sae female fittings and new leader ends are available. "New stronger one piece"


1: Brake pedal response is immediate, not "SOFT" AS WITH OTHER STANDARD HOSES.

2: Legal for all street and racing vehicles

3: Inert to all approved brake fluids including D.O.T 5 layer silicone. Choice of U.V protected color vinyl cover

4: Rugged construction resists shock and road hazards. Higher fitting pull off rating than other D.O.T. ASSEMBLIES.

5: Utilizes standard brake fitting adapters. *New stronger one piece *

Rolloface high-performance Street Big Brake Kit gives you the next generation of braking experience. Our Big Brake Kit is not only the most beautiful big brake kit on market, but also producing more stopping power while improving your overall pedal feel.

Rolloface Big Brake Kit works with the OEM master cylinder, so you could install the kit simply without extra modification. In using larger brake calipers and brake rotors made with stronger, lighter weight material, Rolloface Big Brake Kit are built tough and braking performance is increased over the vehicles original brake system.

All Rolloface Big Brake Kit are fully compatible with ABS and traction control systems.

We also assembled in house, every set is made to order. From picking a bolt, torque each bolt to our specific specs, to wax the caliper before we put in our collectable packing boxes, every progress all finished by hand by our experienced specialist. Performance from the USA.

The 2015 SEMA Show “2016 Global Media Award” product in new product area. Our SE Series Big Brake Kit comes with everything that ready to install.

  • Rolloface SE Series 2-piece forged aluminum 8-piston front calipers with 12-point bolt.
  • Rolloface SE Series 2-piece forged aluminum 6-piston rear calipers with 12-point bolt.
  • Rolloface SE Series aluminum pistons
  • Rolloface SE Series street floating 356mm or 380mm slotted two-piece high-carbon iron rotors.
  • Rolloface 7075-T6 billet aluminum forged caliper bracket to reduce unnecessary weight.
  • Rolloface SE Series high performance brake pads are designed for high performance street use with high co-efficient of friction and high temperature fade resistance.
  • Rolloface stainless steel brake lines to improve stiffer pedal feel and prevent brake hose expansion.
  • Rolloface Big Brake Kit is fully customizable with over 300 colors for brake calipers and brake rotor hubs.
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